Kick off the 2017 2nd Floor Rear Festival of Art in Experimental Contexts with a morning coffee at Hume co-founder Fontaine Capel’s immersive installation!

The preparation of cafecitos—diminutive cups of stovetop espresso— is a time-honored Cuban ritual. This screwing, unscrewing, piling, scooping, and stirring is the first action of the day, and is performed as an act of familial love.

In Por La Mañana: a Community Café, Cuban-American artist Fontaine Capel will transform the storefront gallery she co-founded—Hume Chicago—into a domestic space. The installation borrows visual elements from her grandparents’ Brooklyn apartment which, after nearly fifty years of her family’s continuous residence, is now being converted into luxury apartments.

Neighbors in rapidly gentrifying Logan Square will be welcomed into the space with bilingual signage, hot cafecitos, and the opportunity to sit around the kitchen table and talk with their neighbors.

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