A Cabin in the Snow2_2.15

A Cabin in the Snow is an interactive, four-dimensional fairy tale for all ages. It tells its story through a series of mechanical suitcase sculptures, which invite visitors to pull levers and turn cranks, revealing images that surprise and delight. Created for 2nd Floor Rear 2015, as a special project at Corner, it was presented as both an evening of performances and as an interactive gallery installation. A Cabin in the Snow transformed the gallery into a dream-like space of evocative, archetypal images and small, intimate engagements. As in a dream, every image means something different to every person. By using puppetry and creating an immersive world, this show attempted to empower people to interact and make discoveries for themselves.

The piece was directed by Will Bishop and designed by Grace Needlman, with original music by James Fleming.

It was originally performed by puppeteers Lara Carling and Antora DeLong, and subsequently included in the Chicago Home Theater Festival and Nasty, Brutish, and Short, where puppeteer Kay Kron joined the cast.