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“All The Pretty Horses” is a site-specific installation created for Hume’s prominent storefront windows. Using black tempera paint, DiFronzo has turned the large planes of glass into one giant shadow puppet that interacts with the natural light during the day and lights up with a projected film once dark. It’s part of a body of work she has been exploring that uses emotionally-charged images such as wild horses running and houses burning to filter feelings of aggression and unrest. Using these easy to access metaphors for wildness and change she’s hoping to explore these personal struggles in a more universal, detached way.

Krystal DiFronzo (b.1989) is a cartoonist dreamboat from Chicago. She received her BFA in Fiber Material Studies and Printmedia from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012. Her work has appeared in such publications as Lumpen, Happiness Comix, Believed Behavior, and The Lifted Brow as well as in self-published books. She is also currently a member of the experimental performance collaborative Pup House and has worked in several shows directing, performing, and assisting in costume design. More of her work can be seen at or