Join Hume for the final art + value conversation: Affective Labor!
Art + Value conversations are open to anyone and everyone who wants to listen, think, and/or speak about the varous intersections of art + value in our society. So swing by for:

Conversation #3: Affective Labor
Saturday, November 19
Hume, 3242 W Armitage Ave, Chicago IL, 60647
Artists are often charged with doing the emotional work of society and are often uncompensated for this labor. This conversation will range from addressing how social justice work, psychological support, teaching, and diversity training figure into the job descriptions of artists, to self-care, to rationales for non-monetary compensation. Come ready to discuss identity, diversity, social justice, feminism and more.


Do you feel haunted by the specter of the “starving artist”?
Do you feel cheated out of stability, self-confidence, control by a sense of discord between “art and capitalism”? Do you have trouble talking about money?

Art + Value is a series of conversations that will address different aspects of how artists and artistic labor are valued in Chicago today. We hope to create space for Chicago artists to speak openly about how we are compensated and recognized, and how to feel more able to advocate for our work. Our four topic-focused events will begin with a roundtable followed by open conversation.

Conversation #1: The Ecology of Artist-run spaces
Sunday, November 13
Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
What value do artist-run spaces bring to their neighborhoods, and what do artists running spaces owe to the communities we intersect with? How do we decide which audiences are most important? How do we understand the role we play in gentrification? If you have any experience being an artist in a Chicago neighborhood – dealing with gentrification, community-engagement, leasing space, building trust, building programming, imagining new institutions and structures into being, grappling with whether to form a 501C3 – please come share your stories!

Conversation #2: Art vs. Capitalism
Thursday, November 17
In House, 3520 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647
While young artists manage to simultaneously over-professionalize and under-prepare for the real world, people in other creative fields such as entrepreneurship or technology, easily talk about the relationship between creativity and capital. While we learn to challenge established notions of success and strive for alternatives to the market, we also internalize shame and fear of money.

More info at cornerchicago.com/artvalueconversations

Art + Value is partially funded by Illinois Humanities