Exhibition fun: January 20th- February 4th
Opening reception: January 20th, 7-10 pm
Additional programming TBA

A Group Exhibition curated by Ken Folk

Work by:
Alofa Gould
Sharon Akosua
Em Lane Smith
Rene Matić
Ari Brielle
Juanita Segovia
Malaya Harris
Carolina Hicks (sbtl clng)

From the Curator:
“This project, Feeling Pink Like My Insides, explores grief, sorrow, loss, and most importantly, the heartbreak that follows and all the ways in which this heartbreak is intersectional in regards to people of color, specifically women of color, who are often taught to harness or put away our grief. I curated this show to feature artists who have created work about loss. I began this project after experiencing such an incredible year of loss- due to relationships ending, both romantic and platonic, and death in my family. I wrote my first full-length book of poetry, Grief Is A Privilege, as an outlet for what I was going through and the feedback I got after it was released made me realize that other folks had been living what I wrote and even though my trauma is mine, I realized that there was a greater sadness that did not just belong to me. I realized how intersectional heartbreak is and that folks who exist in the same or similar ways that I do, have experienced familiar loss. This project has aided me in finding uses for my sadness and as a way of healing and unpacking trauma. I’m so excited to have you all be a part of it.”


Ken Folk is a nonbinary trans, queer, Haitian artist from Texas who creates works about their existence as a Black, queer, nonbinary trans person navigating chronic illness, gender, institutionalized racism, and what it means to make art as survival- also romance. The self-proclaimed “Love Witch” explores ways in which heartbreak is intersectional.