365 Day Surveillance Photo Project

In 2013, Jazmin Dua devised a ritual of seeking out public surveillance cameras and photographing a different surveillance camera every day for a year. The act of photographing the cameras is an act of addressing the voyeur and temporarily removing the camera’s power. Some cameras are in plain sight and some are strategically hidden, but they are all semi-spherical, sleek, menacing machines that potentially violate as much as they protect.

In 2017, Jazmin Dua will restart Bird’s Eye Project while mapping the cameras. Eyeing Chicago at Hume will showcase images from the 2013 Birds Eye Project along with live surveillance of the sidewalk outside the gallery space.

At Hume through January 29.

About the artist:

Jazmin Dua’s art is a form of visual storytelling, interested in conveying moments of surveillance, life, and interactions. She works primarily with paint, photography as well as non-traditional materials. The philosophy that everything is a product of an experience frames each work, conveying stories of movement and color through her concepts and ideas.