Our Lovely Secret Wreck
Book Release and Reception

with readings by
Jeremy Biles, Lindsay Garbutt, and Daniel Woody

Please join us for the release of Our Lovely Secret Wreck, a limited edition, hand produced book developed in conjunction with the exhibition at Hume Chicago. Designed and printed by Kitemath, a Chicago-based design studio, the book includes contributions from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, including poetry, theater, advertising, religious studies, art history, and visual art. These experimental texts extend considerations of desire’s many forms beyond the gallery walls. Contributors include Rachel Beeton, Jeremy Biles, Matthew A. Coleman, Margaux Crump, Jake Eshelman, J. Michael Ford, Lindsay Garbutt, Adam Griffin, and Daniel Woody; the book was edited by Brian T. Leahy.

Readings and talks by three local contributors will provide further insights into the variety of textual practices included in the publication, and the books will be available for sale.

Friday, August 5th (6-9pm)
Hume Chicago
3242 W. Armitage Ave
Chicago IL