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OUR LOVELY SECRET WRECK is an exhibition that brings three artists with distinct material and conceptual practices together to consider the multiple valences of desire and attachment.

Margaux Crump’s handmade objects, often formed from sex-safe silicones and organic materials, profess intimate desires within goopy surfaces and titillating protuberances. J. Michael Ford’s tubular, playful sculptures might initially seem purely abstract; after sustained looking, however, they assert distinct affinities and personalities. Organizer and artist Brian T. Leahy contributes a domestic painting that cross-references histories of interior design and formalist abstraction in an attempt to confuse distinctions between gallery space and household environments, artwork and support.

A substantial publication accompanies the exhibition, with contributors from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds, including poetry, theater, advertising, religious studies, art history, and visual art. Rather than focusing on the visual work in the exhibition, the experimental texts extend considerations of desire in its many forms. Contributors include Rachel Beeton, Jeremy Biles, Matthew A. Coleman, Margaux Crump, Jake Eshelman, Lindsay Garbutt, Adam Griffin, and Daniel Woody.


Margaux Crump is a Houston-based artist whose objects, drawings, and texts are rooted in the slippery relationship between desire, intimacy, and power. She has an MFA from Washington University in St. Louis.

J. Michael Ford is an interdisciplinary artist currently based out of Chicago, IL, with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Brian T. Leahy is an artist, organizer, and historian in Chicago, IL.

Opening reception Saturday, July 16, 6-9pm
Book reception Friday, August 5, 6-9pm
On view July 16 through August 13

Open Saturdays 1-5pm and by appointment
3242 W. Armitage Ave, Chicago IL


Beer courtesy Motor Row Brewing and Lagunitas!