“Sweet Betweens” find their home at HUME where converted space is malleable, used as a place of creation, learning, and exhibition. In this post-election moment, stark polarities feel unmovable. How do we signal space for bodies that resist the binary? For those who play in the dark, for exuberance, for painful humor, and for resilience, “Sweet Betweens” use material to call upon spaces where bodies that don’t conform to culturally normative binaries may still find respite and resilience.

Come to HUME in December and find a site for mediation, mourning, and self-care. Find objects for community-building, sex positivity, and safe space for dancing weirdos. These “Sweet Betweens” have a sneaking suspicion that the humor and fallibility of the handmade gesture is a source of radical potential. They have your back.

About the artist:
Anna Showers-Cruser creates hybrid forms that act as contemporary propositions for non-hegemonic expressions of gender. The work expands sculpturally on craft traditions associated with the decorative, attempting to form an abstracted visual lexicon of community language. Anna’s current ongoing project imagines a queer lineage of heraldic flags and family crests of Southwest Virginian tradition, invoking cultural iconography of the protest banner, pride flags, and hanky codes. Anna has shown in various exhibitions in Chicago and on the east coast, and holds an MFA from the University of Chicago, with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.