Hiromi Ueyoshi: Works on Paper, curated by Krystal DiFronzo and Jameson Skelton Doody! This will be Ueyoshi’s first solo exhibition, and Hume is pleased to highlight the intricate works of this phenomenal artist.

Hiromi’s color pencil and ink drawings explore the oscillation between optical and haptic visuality, which is framed as a dialectic between distance and closeness. This series of work can be interpreted as either a continuation of the same moment, a different view of the same moment or a different moment entirely.

Hiromi Ueyoshi is an ardent drawer and (literal) noise maker living in Chicago with a passion for comics, dancing, weird music and animation.

Friday 9/9 | | 7:30-10pm | | Snax & Drinx, as always, by donation.

Grackle Song is a solo noise project exploring the interstellar and cavernous textures of metal objects singing via electric guitar.

Thursday, 9/29 | | 7:30-10pm | | Snax & Drinx, as always, by donation.