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How to Refinish a Bathroom Tub

Refinishing a tub isn’t the easiest home project to DIY, but it can be a cost-effective way to update your bathroom. If you’re not sure whether it’s the best option for your situation, consider asking a local bathtub refinishing pro to take a look at your bathroom. They’ll provide expert advice and help you make a smart decision.

Bathroom tub refinishing must be pristine before applying new paint, so the first step is usually deep cleaning. Use bleach or other heavy-duty cleaner to scrub away mold and mildew, and pay special attention to any cracks or crevices where the paint might peel. Rinse well and dry completely.

Bathroom Tub Refinishing: Enhancing Your Space with a Fresh Look

Next, use the epoxy putty included in the refinishing kit to fill any chips or pitting. Allow to fully dry, then sand the entire surface to roughen it. Rinse again and let the tub dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.

If your tub refinishing kit includes primer, apply it according to the instructions, using a roller and foam brush. Unlike the chemical paints used in bathtub refinishing, this type of primer can be found at your local hardware store and is safe to use in normal applications.

The chemicals and paints used for bathtub refinishing emit powerful fumes that can be irritating if inhaled. Make sure you open windows turn on fans in the room, and wear a mask recommended by the manufacturer of your chosen product. You might also want to cover the floor around the bathtub with a drop cloth and use painter’s tape to mask off any areas you don’t want to refinish.

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