Hume Chicago BUSINESS Letting Agent SEO Tips

Letting Agent SEO Tips

As a leading letting agency, it’s crucial to have your own website that showcases your properties. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can make your website visible to more people when they are searching for property types, locations and other services that you specialise in.

It’s a letting agent that takes time to show results and can be affected by changes to Google’s algorithms, but over the longer term it will provide you with consistent traffic and help you get more clients for your business. Unlike advertising, it also provides measurable results, so you can see how well your SEO strategy is working.

“Letting Agent SEO: Strategies for Driving More Rentals

Focus on keywords that are relevant to your area of the market – use tools like Keyword Magic to find out how difficult it is to rank for each keyword and what other terms people are searching for. Using these keywords on your listing pages, blog posts, page titles and image alt text will help you get seen by people who are looking to buy or rent in your area.

Keep in mind that changing optimisation daily can hurt your SEO rather than help it, so be careful about making constant changes. For example, if you are trying to rank for San Diego homes one day and then LA Homes the next, it will confuse Google.

A slow website can affect your SEO, so check your site speed with a tool like Semrush. Also, avoid using large images if possible as they can be very heavy and slow your site down.

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