Hume Chicago games The Best Online Games For Developing Narrative and Writing Skills

The Best Online Games For Developing Narrative and Writing Skills

The Best Online Games for Developing Narrative and Writing Skills

While video wm casino เครดิตฟรี games have received a bad reputation in recent years, writing experts like Angelina Grin are beginning to advocate that some of them can provide valuable learning opportunities. From boosting vocabulary to encouraging creativity, there are plenty of engaging, educational games that can help students develop their narrative and writing skills.

Mastermind Madness: Online Games That Challenge Your Strategic Thinking”

One of the most effective ways to develop a story is by exploring an intriguing character. Character interview games help students do just that by asking a series of questions to help them get to know the character they’re creating. By doing so, students can then use their knowledge of the character to write an engaging story.

Picture Prompts

Writing games that feature pictures as the starting point for creative stories or descriptions can be a great way to promote creativity and get students to start thinking like writers. For example, the picture prompts in Scategories encourage students to think of words that begin with a certain letter and fit into specific categories. The goal is to find as many unique answers as possible within the time limit that’s set on the game’s timer.

If you’re looking for an even more challenging story-based game, check out the interactive fiction tool called Twine. It’s free to use and offers nearly endless possibilities for crafting a narrative that has players making choices on branching paths. It’s definitely a bit more involved than most of the games on this list, however, and may require some extra tutorial juice to learn.

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