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What Is Bulk Shatter?

Bulk shatter  is a form of marijuana concentrate that has a brittle, glass-like consistency. It’s often used to infuse cannabis oil, but can also be smoked or applied topically as a topical. Novice tokers may also know it by the other names: dab, wax, and hash oil. Shatter is highly potent, often containing 70 to 90 percent THC or more. That’s a significant boost in potency when compared to dried herb, which averages around 15 to 30 percent THC.

Making shatter is a complicated process that requires professional extraction and distillation equipment. It starts with packing the plant material into chambers or columns and passing a solvent through it to dissolve and separate the cannabinoids. The solution is then purged with heat and vacuum to remove all traces of the solvent, leaving behind a pure and potent extract. This process is typically done in makeshift labs using butane, a highly flammable chemical that has led to reports of explosions.

From Inbox to High: The Convenience of Mail Order Shatter”

Our online weed store is proud to carry high-quality bulk shatter that’s sure to please even the most experienced users. Try out a batch of Private Reserve hybrid shatter to soothe pain and inflammation, or opt for the indica-dominant LPB Black Diamond shatter to combat insomnia, stress, and hyperactivity. Whatever you decide, be sure to store your bulk shatter properly, away from sunlight, moisture, and heat. We recommend using jars and sealed bags to keep your shatter safe and secure. And if you have children at home, consider investing in child-resistant storage containers.

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