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How to Achieve Sustainable Packaging Goals

Sustainable packaging can be a good way to reduce a company’s environmental impact while conveying a positive message to consumers. Many customers prioritize sustainability when selecting a product, so using greener packaging can boost a brand’s reputation and sales. In addition, eco-friendly options reducing waste can lead to savings on raw materials, production costs and shipping expenses.

From Trash to Treasure: The Art and Science of Upcycled Packaging

In order to achieve sustainability goals, businesses must change the products they use and how they’re shipped. This can be done by reevaluating existing packaging, changing the materials used and optimizing the design of package structures. Some of the most important steps include using lighter-weight materials, ensuring that packages are safe for shipping and reducing the amount of material used. Companies can also support the development of better recycling systems or promote legislation promoting more sustainable practices.

One example of a business that is making the switch to eco-friendly packaging is Sheyn, which uses kraft mailers made from recycled paper and plant materials, such as wheat and straw. This approach allows them to provide a unique unboxing experience for their customers and creates an experience that supports the environment at the same time. Another example is the vitamin supplements brand Ritual, which has switched to bottles that are crafted from recycled plastic and plant materials. The brand even reminds customers to recycle the bottles on their labels.

For more significant changes, companies must look at the entire supply chain of their packaging and consider using a full life cycle assessment to minimize carbon emissions from the raw materials used to produce the packaging and how they’re shipped. This requires a strong partnership with suppliers up and down the value chain to ensure that they’re all on board with sustainability initiatives.

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