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Why You Should Avoid PBN Links

While Google’s Webmaster Guidelines don’t directly address pbn links it is well known that the search engine does not like them. PBN links are considered unnatural by Google because they’re built solely for SEO purposes, which goes against the spirit of Google’s algorithms that aim to provide quality content and a great user experience.

If you use PBN links, you’re going against Google’s terms of service and risking a penalty from the search giant. In fact, you’re also risking a negative impact on your rankings and traffic. This is why it’s important to avoid using them and instead embrace ethical link building methods.

PBN Link Building Strategies: Tips for Maximum Impact

PBNs are networks of websites owned by the same person or business that are linked together to help a “money site” rank for specific keywords. They’re used by black hat SEOs because they make it easier to achieve ranking goals without the need for high-quality, evergreen content.

It’s generally possible to tell if a website is part of a PBN because it’ll get little or no organic traffic, have unnaturally placed exact-match anchor texts, and look like the kind of site you wouldn’t visit as a consumer. PBNs can be found by a variety of tools, including SEMrush’s Backlink Audit and Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.

It’s not recommended to build a PBN because it’s not inline with best practices and it can be time-consuming. Plus, you’re at risk of being demoted by Google or even deindexed entirely. It’s much more effective to use ethical link building strategies that are less time-consuming and less risky.

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