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Gas Leak Detector

gas leak detector

The right gas leak detector can alert you when dangerous gases in your home are present, helping to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. These units run continuously, and can be battery-powered or hardwired to your electrical system. They can sniff out toxic gas leaks, like carbon monoxide, as well as combustible gases, like propane and natural gas. Some models also detect smoke.

Most models emit an audible alarm when they sense a toxic or combustible gas in your house. Some are also smart and can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, letting you monitor the status of your detector through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Some can even send data to your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to turn lights on or off, and hear a voice or siren alerting you to the presence of a problem.

Protecting What Matters: How Natural Gas Leak Detectors Keep Your Home Safe

In addition to detecting toxic and combustible gases, these devices can also help you locate the source of a gas leak. Some units feature a light that shines in the direction of the leak, while others have a special solvent that you can spray on a suspected leak site to instantly pinpoint its location. For example, the Nu-Calgon Fluorescent Gas Leak Detector (available at SupplyHouse) uses a brightly colored liquid that makes any leaking gas bubble up in an obvious manner.

A gas leak detector can be installed in your house, or for commercial use, such as a hotel or hostel cafeteria. It’s an important safety tool that should be in every home, regardless of whether you live in a house in Boston or rent an apartment in Round Rock.

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