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Netball Court Resurfacing

Netball Court Resurfacing

Over time, all sports surfaces become damaged and worn with frequent use. Resurfacing a netball court can dramatically improve the quality of the surface, making it safer and more enjoyable for players to play on. The process can be carried out in a very short space of time and is much more cost-effective than replacing the whole surface.

A complete Netball Court Resurfacing job may include ripping up the existing surfacing and laying a new layer of macadam or polymeric rubber. However, resurfacing can also be as simple as applying a binder to cracks on the macadam or laying out a fresh coating of anti slip paint in a contrasting colour.

Netball Court Resurfacing Options: Choosing the Right Surface for Your Needs

Resurfacing your netball court can help to attract and retain more players to the facility, as it will be more appealing and safe for them to play on. This is especially important if you want to encourage semi-professional and professional players to your club. Resurfacing will not only improve the aesthetics of your court but the lines will be more visible so it is easier to follow during games.

Having your netball court resurfaced can offer many other benefits to your players, such as reducing the risk of injury and improving footing. It will allow them to move around the court with more confidence and increase their game-speed and accuracy. This is due to the textured surface of Laykold that is very responsive and allows your feet to grip the surface.

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