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What Happens If You Hide a Comment on Facebook?

What happens if you hide a comment on facebook a time where people often take to social media to report bad experiences with brands, it’s vital that you have mechanisms in place to handle these types of extreme allegations. Deleting a comment means that the lines of communication between your brand and the user have been shut down and it may even be reposted by other users or picked up by the news (whether true or not). However, hiding a comment is a useful way to keep the lines of communication open while still responding to and solving the problem at hand.

If you hide a comment on facebook, it will be invisible to everyone except the person who wrote the comment and their friends (and the people they’ve chosen to share your post with). They can still continue the discussion in sub comments. You will also be able to unhide any hidden comment at any time.

In the Shadows: Demystifying the Effects of Hiding Comments on Facebook

It’s important to remember that when you hide a comment on facebook, the author of the comment will not be notified and they will not get the emoji reactions they normally would. This can be problematic because it allows them to feel like they have a free forum to air their grievances and may make the situation worse than it already is. In the case of a negative review, it’s always best to try to address the issue directly with the customer in a way that satisfies their needs and keeps the conversation away from other Facebook users.

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