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What Is a Vehicle Appraiser?

A vehicle appraiser is a professional who determines the cost and value of a damaged car. They are not employees of an insurance company and are therefore able to provide an unbiased opinion of the accident damage. An appraiser is typically hired by a claimant, but can also be employed by an auto body shop. They will evaluate the extent of the structural, mechanical, and cosmetic damage, and may prepare forms to indicate repair estimates or recommendations kfz sachverständiger bochum. They can also review parts and labor costs from auto body shops to help reach an agreement with the repairer on a cost estimate for repairs.

How do I become a car appraiser in Bochum?

The National Institute of Automotive Appraisers is a nonprofit organization that sets and maintains licensing standards for automobile damage appraisers. The organization administers licensing examinations, processes applications, and issues and renews licenses. It also investigates allegations of misconduct by vehicle damage appraisers and can suspend or revoke their certificates. The Automobile Damage Appraiser Licensing Board, which is independent of the Division of Insurance, regulates vehicle damage appraisers in Massachusetts. The organization sets licensing standards, administers licensing examinations, and processes applications. It can also suspend or revoke a vehicle damage appraiser’s certificate after a hearing process in cases of misconduct.

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